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Our Organic netting aid in the stabilisation and reinforcement of earth on highly inclined surfaces that are undergoing erosion

With these Organic netting it is possible to realise the following objectives:

  • Absorption of the kinetic forces produced by th e action of erosive factors such as water, wind, snow….
  • Increase the capacity for water retention of a particular area through reducing the amount of water lost through evaporation.
  • A steadier soil temperature through a cushioning effect which acts to mitigate sudden changes in temperature, effectively increasing the thermal inertia of the soil.
  • Possibility to increase the organic content and fertility of a particular area through incorporation of  the organic mesh.

Our Organic netting can be manufactured both with either jute or coconut fibres. 


Jute (Composition):

  • 100% Jute fibre
  • Weight per unit area 496g/m2
  • Packaged in bales of 669.34m2
  • Each bale is made up of 8 units each 1.22m wide by 68.58m long.

Coconut (Composition, technical data sheet PDF Spanish language) 

  • 100% Coconut fibre
  • Weight per unit area 400700 or 900 g/m2
  • Packaged in rolls of 80m2 (2m x 40m) or 100m2 (2m x 50m)